HotWire Marketing - Technology Marketing is our FORTE

HotWire Marketing has worked for dozens of technology firms located throughout the country (click here for a complete listing). We have been fortunate to assist several clients conceive and implement marketing programs that attained extraordinary results. Descriptions of a few of the marketing challenges we have confronted follow:


"We don’t have an internal marketing staff so we rely heavily on HotWire Marketing to help us identify appropriate marketing activities and then implement them. They understand the wireless marketplace and are able to quickly develop the appropriate messaging directed to our target audiences."

Tom French
President and CEO
Global Wireless Data


Marketing Challenge: This fast growing wireless master-dealer needed marketing assistance but did not want to hire in-house staff. They required assistance from a firm offering both strategy and tactics to launch a new wireless services subsidiary. They also recognized the need to promote more regular communications with their extensive sub-dealer channel.

Solution: We have provided corporate naming and branding services. Timely e-newsletters and promotions have fostered better communications with distributors. Marketing services are now being offered to the wireless sub-dealer channel.

  "This is our third year with HotWire Marketing. Their involvement in our marketing programs varies from month to month. Whether we need their strategic insight – or help in doing something very tactical such as putting together our e-newsletter they are an invaluable resource to us."

Kelly Schrupp
Vice President, Marketing
Hubbard Systems, Inc.


Marketing Challenge: This Birmingham, Alabama firm was poised to launch their state-of-the-art debt collections software and needed assistance from a firm with technology marketing experience that provided strategic planning as well as creative services. They desired a one-stop shop for their marketing needs with a firm that had a strong background in software marketing.

Solution: HotWire Marketing quickly assessed their positioning, messaging, etc., and developed their new corporate and software brand identities. We have been engaged by this client for over two years and regularly assist them with a broad range of marketing assignments.



Marketing Challenge: After September 11, 2001 this U.S. based division of a multi-national company recognized that civil defense agencies and first responders would have a need for their line of dosimeters and radiation monitoring systems. They needed a plan to enter this new market.

Solution: HotWire Marketing assisted them in developing a plan to quickly enter this rapidly growing market. Two years later MGP Instruments is the market leader.



Marketing Challenge: The parent company found itself in a shrinking marketing for its document management offerings. Seeing an opportunity in the rapidly growing field of Internet-based medical records coding a new firm was founded. eWebCoding needed a strategic marketing plan and a tactical roadmap and implementation assistance to enter this new market.

Solution: HotWire Marketing created their first strategic and tactical marketing plan. We created a print advertising campaign along with other types of collateral that brought them immediate notice and sales. Within six months of launch they were the market leader. Two years later they realized their exit strategy by selling themselves to a large competitor.